Project Jugaad

Project Jugaad was established in 2013 to help students develop an array of skills crucial to Professional Careers in the global knowledge economy. Whilst the focus was the role of maths in technology which facilitated a more detailed understanding of mathematical concepts from medicine, engineering, the aerospace industry and many high-tech industries, the requirement to work as part of team comprised from pupils around the world placed a heavy emphasis on communication and team work in order to complete work ahead of deadlines.

The standard of the projects was very high but there was also an impressive level of work behind other parts to the project such as opportunity to produce a 3 minute video on your school and city. This year the project will concentrate on the role of technology in green technology and we are excitedly looking forward to the results.


Richard Davies, Director               |               Kamalika Bose, Co-founde

Participating Schools XXIV

Bluebells School International (New Delhi, India)


Twitter: @BluebellsSchool

International School of Moscow (Russia)



Southfields Academy (London, United Kingdom)


Twitter: @180fields

United World College of South East Asia (Singapore)


Twitter: @UWCSEA_East

Maria Fidelis Catholic School (London, United Kingdom) 


Twitter: Tweets containing Maria Fidelis

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