Project Jugaad

The Berners-Lee Cup

The inaugural Project Jugaad Berners-Lee Cup for the best Research Project overall goes to 'The Incredible Maths Hunters' with their exceptional project on the role of Maths in Medicine. The judges were impressed by the detailed background research which had been completed and the coherent structure of the presentation which very clearly made connections between mathematical techniques and concepts and their real world applications in the medical industry. Download 

The Incredible Maths Hunters are: Bhavya, Max, Nathan & Ushni - CONGRATULATIONS

Runners up: The judges would also like to congratulate F.I.T.K.2.S (Friendship is Key to Success) for finishing as runners up overall. Not only did the team complete a detailed investigation into the role of Maths in Music but the spirit of teamwork and cooperation that was evident in all aspects of this group's activities reflects the aims of Project Jugaad with regard to promoting international cooperation and global citizenship as well as fostering greater mathematical understanding.


The Dean's List

The best four projects have been shortlisted for The Dean's List and can be seen below:

DYNAMIC RESEARCHERS - MATHS IN CARS                                                      

F.I.T.K.2.S - MATHS IN MUSIC                                                                       

THE INCREDIBLE MATHS HUNTERS - MATHS IN MEDICINE                                       

LOADED MATHS - MATHS IN SPACE                                                                    

B.R. Chopra Prize 

The B.R. Chopra Prize for producing the best documentary of how Project Jugaad is completed is awared to Debangshu from 'Loaded Maths'. Not only did he document the groups activites but he also conducted an interview to get an understanding of what other people thought about the project. His use of technology was effective and he worked hard to complete the video within the tight deadlines.

Debangshu's winning documentary for the B. R. Chopra prize can be seen here:

The Saatchi Prize

The Saatchi Prize for the group which has promoted the most professional image including logo, digital media and the hard copy of the presentation for the classroom display is awarded to 'The Dynamic Researchers' for their research project on Maths in Cars. Beyond completing an excellent project that itself was shortlisted for The Dean's List, the judges were very impressed with the group's ethusiasm and creativity going to additional lengths to designing an effective logo, a poster and producing an informative documentary on Project Jugaad.

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